The Royal Wedding

Prince Henry Charles Albert David, Duke of Sussex popularly known as Prince Harry will be walking down the aisle today at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle in Berkshire County, England. The younger son of Charles and Diana is set to marry American actress Megan Markle in a highly anticipated classy wedding.
People have already crowded the area in preparation for what seems to be the most anticipated wedding of the year to witness the event. About 2,500 people will be allowed inside the castle while other thousands will be watching from outside. They will also be joined by millions of other viewers worldwide who will be catching the event live on television.
Meghan has featured in films like Horrible Bosses (2011), Remember Me (2010), Anti-Social (2015), The Candidate (2010) and Random Encounters (2011). A lot of celebrities are expected to attend the wedding considering the lady’s status. You can catch the wedding live on this link