The rise and fall of Bax Ragga: Uganda’s once promising music identity

When Aziz Azion recorded his single “Am Bad”, little did we know that the song meant creation of a new genre to the music industry in Uganda. Even though some refused to give him credit citing that the genre already existed in songs like Endabada by Annet Nandujja, Juliana Kanyomoozi’s Woloolo featuring GNL Zamba, Okuzaala Kujagaana by Irene Namatovu, among others, at least he should be recognized for branding the genre as Bax-ragga.

Bax-Ragga is a fusion of Bakisimba (Local drum in Buganda) and Ragga. Last year, it was one of the most common genres among Ugandan musicians. The songs done included Kabuleŋŋane by Bebe Cool, Njogereza by Navio, Omwana Agenda by Dr. Hilderman, Engatto by Eighton Ssente, Kano Kozze by Winnie Nwagi, among others. With the above songs, we expected a lot more of the same kind but the story seems to be different.

Apart from Mboozi Z’amalwa (Bebe Cool ft. Sauti Sol), the few songs recorded this year have since failed to pick up. Navio’s Tumunonye written by the same songwriter who wrote Njogereza (Unique) didn’t work out well like the latter. Branic Benzie ft. Katongole Omutongole’s Opalala, Kapalaga’s Omwana wa Maama, Winnie Nwagi’s Olukoba among others, all have failed to receive enough airplay in relation to how the genre dominated last year. This being August the second last quarter of the year, let’s hope the genre resurrects in 2018.