The 'Rap Battle' escalates as 4 more rappers join the race.

Early this month, TNS rapper Feffe Bussi came out openly with a song “Who is Who?” dissing his fellow rappers in the land. From upcoming rappers up to ‘Legends’, Bussi spared no one as he said “Gwe Rapper ateewulidde sinakutegeera, Bwemba nali nkumanyi nakwerabira era” translated as (if you’ve not heard yourself, am yet to know you or if I used to know you, I forgot you).

This did not go well with the Hip-Hoppers that were attacked. Even if he warned them that replying will be at their own risk, the songs have started pouring out almost on a daily basis from different rappers and it is turning out to be a rap battle. Among these include; Who is Me? by Da Agent, Who is You? by Raf X Semagambo, MC Jim Nola and Jonah Seven.

In this battle that just seems to be developing, Gravity Omutujju and Fik Fameika are likely to be suffering more. All kinds of insults have been hurled at Gravity ranging from his looks, the way he sings to the beat that they accuse him of being the same. However, Gravity and Fameika seem like not interested in replying to Feffe in particular and the other rappers in general.

Next week, we’ll be releasing these lyrics one by one. Meanwhile, let’s Watch the Space.