Monday 13th November 2017 came as any other day to Robert Mugabe. Little did he know that it could turn out to be one his worst days he will never forget in his life as the army took over control of the country and put him under house arrest. We shall leave out all the other statement made by the army commander that the army was trying to drive out the bad elements within the country’s leadership. We’ll save the issues of his wife Grace Mugabe for another day and lets concentrate on Mugabe alone.

When Mugabe together with his fellows fought for his country’s independence and later on sworn in as the president for Zimbabwe, few individuals thought his achievements and love for the country will end in the way they are likely to end. Once seen as a national hero, he is now hated by the majority in his own motherland.

There is one thing I keep wondering about. Why would a person spend his life trying to sweat for his / her name and then destroys it him/herself!!! Is it such difficult to hand over power like we think? Sincerely since April 1980 when Mugabe ascended on Zimbabwe’s top office as a prime minister at the time, he has delivered a lot and also failed to do other things because that is the nature. You can’t do everything 100%.

And what bothers me also is that however much these events happen in the world especially Africa, people never seem to learn from them. I don’t know if they always feel they are happening on another planet or what. It’s so absurd that a person who fought for his country that much is losing dignity and respect over handing over power.