The Airtime Crisis

Last week, Social Media was awash with stories of how airtime cards prices had shot up from normal prices printed on the cards. In some areas, the 500 cards went up to 600, 1,000 to 1,200 and 2,000 at 2,400. Yesterday, major telecom companies like Airtel and MTN took to their official facebook accounts to enlight on the issue that this was done illegally by the retailers. Followers as usual poured out all kinds of insults to the telecom gurus.
Where is the problem
Where as the real problem is not yet known for the airtime high ups, there are some rumours that these companies are working towards maximizing their electronic money transfer profits i.e Airtel Money, MTN Mobile Money, among others. this is because when both companies were addressing this proble, they ended up suggesting that people can use their Airtel or Mobile Money accounts to load credit hence the suspicion.
While talking to one of the vendors on Saturday, he narrated how unyielding the business was getting. He said that their commision has been reduced and that they were almost working for the companies. He added that they are now tellingt the retailers to sell at 600, 1,200, e.t.c to cover up the gap.
Some sources say that the companies may have made some losses way back and now want to transfer the burden to the end user. Some people abided by the prices due to their needs and bought the airtime even though others refused and threatened to walk out on these companies and join the other players in business.
Watch this space for any new developments on the story.