SHOCKING: Kenzo rallies support for Ex-lover Rema

This may seem like a joke but it’s true. Celebrated singer Eddy Kenzo has called upon Ugandans to go and support his ex-lover Rema Namakula during her concert today at Hotel Africana. According to him, supporting Rema means supporting their daughter, Aamal’s growth and well being.

“Don’t forget to go and support the Sebunya’s this evening at Hotel Africana. bwowagira Rema oba ogulidde Aamal musuuza Amata. Go and support them please. One love. Happy Valentine’s day TWEYAGALE” read Kenzo’s Facebook post.

This must have came as a surprise not only to his followers but to the Ssebunyas too. Let’s join him in wishing them a successful concert too.