Red Pepper Directors to spend more time in coolers.

Red Pepper directors and editors have failed to secure a bail out of prison after their application being adjourned up to December 19. The eight were arrested on Tuesday November 21 following the publication of a story alleging that Museveni was plotting to oust Rwandan President Paul Kagame.
UCC’s prosecutor, a one Abdul-Salam Waiswa, asked Court not to release the journalists because their freedom endangers national security. He added that if granted bail, they are likely to repeat the same offence.
The five directors A. Rugyendo, J. Mujuni, J. Byarabaha, P. Mugumya and R. Tusiime, as well as Editors B. Byarabaha, R. Kintu and F. Tumusiime will appear again before court on December 19 on charges of disturbing the peace of President Yoweri Museveni, Minister Henry Tumukunde and Gen. Salim Saleh.
Photo Credit: The Observer