President Museveni speaks out on Corona Virus

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has briefed the country about the ongoing outrageous virus commonly known as Corona virus. In a short message communicated via his Official Facebook page, the fountain of honour warned Ugandans about the seriousness of the virus as well as its effects.

“Coronavirus is real, it does not kill as much and fast like Ebola, but spreads at a very terrific rate. It undermines economies because it is disruptive and inconvenient. If a country records a case of coronavirus, people will be quarantined, movements limited, businesses, schools, leisure parks closed, etc” he said. After confirmed cases in Africa particularly Egypt and Nigeria, Museveni warned the citizens to ‘rely heavily on our personal behavior first, while the ministry of health guides us on other measures’.

“This will not be the biggest we have gone through as a country, we fought Aids by behavior even before we got medicine. Now as the ministry of health guides us, let us take a personal decision not to shake hands unnecessarily or expose ourselves to conditions that will facilitate the spread of Coronavirus” he added.

He advised individuals with the virus symptoms to check with medical facilities immediately as the government looks forward to safeguard the citizens. “I implore those who have specific symptoms similar to Coronavirus, even as simple as a running nose, please self-quarantine from the rest and seek medical guidance and confirmation that you are free from infection. This goes to those in schools, places of work, markets and any form of gatherings.”

Corona virus case was first recorded in Wuhan, China early this year. Ever since, it has claimed thousands of lives, China being the largest victim. In recent days, the virus has stretched out to more countries especially in Europe and Asia. The worst part of the scenario is that the cure for the virus is yet to be found risking more lives considering the rate at which it spreads.