President breaks silence on Arua firings

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has responded to the incident that happened in Arua on Monday evening that involved firing of teargas and live bullets leading to the death of one Yasin Kawuma. During the incident, there were also a number of people that were injured by stones and live ammunition.

In a brief facebook post, the president enlightened that the rear window glass that was smashed isn’t armoured before blaming Kassiano Wadri and Robert Kyagulanyi for trying to use violence to intimidate people. “It is a big shame to have such confused people who want to use violence to intimidate Ugandans. Nobody has a right to intimidate any Ugandan by word or action” said the statement.

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He goes on to blame the police for the weak management that led to the loss of lives and distanced his convoy from the shootings citing that they only had live bullets that if fired would have led to death of people.  Museveni wondered why opposition supporters were taking processions through the streets to inconvenience people after rallies and warned his party leaders not to do the same.

He concluded by warning opposition leaders that they will be the ones to blame for the misconduct of their groups. “These acts are strongly rejected and will be punished according to the law. Anybody who organizes such groups is responsible for their misconduct.”