Phaneroo Ministries apologizes to Bobi Wine Supporters

The Phaneroo Ministries has officially come out to distance itself about its senior pastor, Grace Lubega making attacks intended to harm the persona of Kyaddondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine. In a video clip that circulated on Social Media over the weekend, the pastor was quoted as saying that they cannot accept a person who is not Godly to take leadership of this country. He also added that there is no way a person who was once a drug abuser could become a president urging on Godly people to come out and take the country’s leadership.

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As the norm is with social media, Bobi Wine’s followers were soon on the heels of the God’s man insulting all kinds of abusive words they could come across. Among these were also Apostle Lubega’s followers who didn’t agree with the day’s preaching although others agreed and defended him. Some even went an extra mile to dig into the pastor’s past life that they termed as not being clean.

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Following the ongoing criticism especially on social media, the ministries released a long essay in which they explained that their lead pastor didn’t intend to harm Bobi Wine or his fans but they just driven by emotions. They went on to add that whoever recorded and released the video had hidden intentions separate from the Ministries before apologizing. However much that the Church apologized, the fans didn’t see it as a thorough apology and were still ranting at the Apostle.