Pastor Bujingo apologizes to his wife

Pastor Aloysius Bujingo of House of Prayer Ministries has come out and apologised to the public especially women over the remarks he made on Wednesday about her wife suffering from fistula some years ago. The revelations angered many people especially women saying he did not only disrespected his wife but all women in general.

During today’s lunch hour, the pastor said he was sorry but didn’t mean to anger or hurt anyone. “From the bottom of my heart, I apologize to Teddy, my children and all women right from my mother up to the unborn as long as she’s female” Bujingo said.

He however condemned activists who were planning of taking cotton to him in relation to his remarks saying they don’t know how much emotional pain he went through during the ten years. He related the situation to a child trying to pay his parents for bringing up him or her.