NRM caught up in the middle of Kyaddondo East by elections.

Last year in February, Uganda held general elections that saw Yoweri Kaguta Museveni being elected back for the fifth term in the highest office of the country. His win or the defeat of opposition was attributed to different factors one of which was some of the top artistes in the country that teamed up to form different projects for the candidates of “their choice” the likes of Tubonga Naawe and Toka Kwa Balala for Museveni and Besigye respectively.
Straight to the point, the opposition used to say that the people who stormed Museveni’s rallies went there because they wanted to seize the opportunity to see the Tubonga Naawe artistes free of charge but not to listen to the “Old man with a hat’s” speeches. The NRM party in return, insisted that these were Museveni’s supporters that came for political causes not entertainment. When the opposition complained that the votes have been rigged, the ruling party (NRM) reminded them of how their rallies used to attract thousands and thousands of people.
One year down the road, the same scenario is unfolding in the Kyaddondo East Parliamentary by-elections where more than five candidates are vying for the seat in a race majorly dominated by four candidates i.e. Abdul Kantinti (FDC), Robert Kyagulanyi a.k.a Bobi Wine (Independent), Muwada Nkunnyingi (Independent) and Sitenda Ssebalu (NRM).
Just like Museveni’s rallies, Bobi Wine’s rallies are lined up with artistes like King Saha, Geosteady, Spice Diana, Dr. Hilderman, Maureen Nantume, Nutty Neithan, among others and they are (rallies) attracting thousands of people and you may be forgiven if you mistake them for presidential campaigns. Therefore, if Bobi Wine wins the race, I don’t expect NRM to complain that they were rigged because we have seen his (Kyagulanyi) crowds. And in case they do complain, all of us will start asking ourselves, did the old man also rig the votes and deceived us with the crowds that used to come to his rallies yet they just wanted to see the Chameleones of this Banana Republic?
We are watching!!!
Photo Credit: Matooke Republic