Nicknames artistes use to scare competitors.

Music is a showbizz (Show Business). Therefore you need to add spices to your business as a way of attracting consumers as well as scaring away potential competitors. Self proclaiming or adding a title on your name is one way of spicing and below we take a look at some of them.

Ykee Benda
Broke on the music scene in 2017 with Farmer Remix featuring Sheebah, Ykee Benda has a stream of titles accompanying his stage name. Boy so Tender, High on Every Girl’s Agenda, Tukuba Muziki Tetutunda Byenda are all associated with the artiste.

Bebe Cool
Not only is he associated with the name Big Size, he went ahead to record a song titled Big Size. He adapted the name in relation to his body size and power in the music industry. He also has a couple of other names like Omunene (Munenemunene), King of the Jungle, among others.

Big Eye
The Tambula singer Big Eye is one artiste who has a name parallel to his physical appearance considering his small eyes. But that’s a story for another day considering we’re focusing on titles today. He commonly refers to himself as the Star Boss.

Bobi Wine
Before joining active politics in 2017, Bobi Wine is one artiste who had lots of names behind his back. They ranged from Ghetto President, Ghetto Gladiator, Omubanda wa Kabaka, among others. Currently, he is commonly referred to as Onalebo the Luganda version for Honourable.

Jose Chameleone
It seems like the more time you spend on the music scene, the more titles you get. Over the years, Chameleone has garnered himself a wide range of names like East Africa’s Finest, Sauti ya Dhabu, Atagejja Atakogga, Doctor, Made in Uganda, etc. Lately, his fans have already started calling him Lord Mayor in anticipation for his try at the political career.

Ziza Bafana
Ziza Bafana has one of the most ‘threatening’ names. Of all the names that could be there, he decided to call himself Katonda wa Ragga which means Ragga God. Hoping he doesn’t pay for it calling himself a god.

As the rivalry between Cindy and Sheebah started getting serious last year, Cindy wanted to show her superiority by adding a title to her name. However, Sheebah had already taken the Queen title and therefore, Cindy decided to take on The King Herself as her title.

Feffe Bussi
Feffe Bussi is one artiste with a perfect nick name tailored for him. Forget all the kind of names that were thrown towards him during the Rap Battle, his real title is The Smallest Rapper and his body size speaks volumes about it.

Eddy Kenzo
Having achieved a lot in his first decade as a musician, Kenzo decided to add himself a title of Young Mandela in commemoration of the African freedom fighter late Nelson Mandela. He sometimes adds on Dada which he took from Idi Amin.

With the self belief within his soul, the artiste decided to call himself the King of the East (East Africa). However, that’s not the only name as he sometimes calls himself Sucker Free Boss.

Weasel Manisal
Since the departure of his singing partner Mowzey Radio (RIP), Weasel has been trying to reinvent himself. In the process, one of the title he has adapted lately is to spice his name is African Simba.

Vincent Segawa
Don’t be tempted to think that its only urban music artistes who take an initiative of tagging titles to their names. Vincent Segawa is one Kadongokamu artiste who also decided to get himself a title which is Master because he believes his songs teach message to people.

Fik Fameica
Don’t be tempted to mix up Fresh Bwoy with Fresh Kid. Even though both are rappers, Fik Fameica uses Fresh Bwoy as just a title while Patrcik Senyonjo on the other hand uses Fresh Kid as his stage name.

Roden Y
Some nicknames or titles tend to overpower stage names. Roden Y is a perfect example as he is popularly referred to as Kabako which was just a title for one of his songs. He is also commonly associated with the synonym Magye ga ku ttaka (infantry).

Spice Diana
Star gal used to define Spice Diana some years back. However, it looks like ka Spice is now so carried away with making music and she no longer considers the tag that much.

…to be continued.