Loud Music contributing 50% to Deafness

Hearing loss is a situation whereby a person has partial or total inability to hear. Deafness can easily be spotted in infants depending on the reaction of the child to the surrounding noise.

What causes deafness?
Deafness in some people may be as a result of genetic factor. That means if a person has a background where his or her past relatives have faced the same problem.
Hearing loss may be caused by a number of factors, including: genetics, ageing, exposure to noise,

Aging process
The older a person grows, the more are the chances of deafness. This is commonly caused by complications like blood pressure and diabetes. However the progress of hearing loss among the elderly varies from one person to another.

Noise exposure
Noise exposure is almost responsible for half of the deafness cases in the whole world. Deafness by noise exposure is sometimes temporary and the victim can recover in a day, for instance, loss of hearing caused by a gunshot. However, repeated exposure to loud noise may lead to hearing loss problems.

Perinatal problems
Excessive consumption of alcohol by Expectant mothers is dangerous to the fetus and in some case, it can lead to deafness of the newly born child. Additionally, babies born prematurely may also be exposed to deafness.

Disorders like measles, mumps, meningitis, Syphilis are not only dangerous to health of an individual but can also lead to hearing loss. HIV/AIDS patients are also at a relatively high risk of hearing loss due to the high rate of medications that comes with the disease.

As we earlier saw that medications associated with HIV/AIDS may lead to loss of hearing, there are also other drugs that are dangerous to the human system. Medicine like Aspirin, paracetamol and quinine will increase an individual’s chances of hearing loss especially to those who take them regularly.

Due to the technological advancements around the globe today, the aero space is exposed to various chemicals which are dangerous and harm human nature in turn. Chemicals like toluene which can be found in automobile exhaust and gasoline combined with noise can lead to loss of hearing.

Physical trauma
An injury on the head caused by an accident is bad enough to sentence you a to hearing loss especially if the ear is damaged or the brain system connected to the hearing system. This can either be temporary or permanent

Any Solution to the deaf?
Immunization against disorders like meningitis, measles and mumps.

Noise regulation especially in cases where you have an option like listening to music using earphones.

Medical Check-ups. Once in a while, it is advisable to get a medical checkup which helps to detect the problem in early stages.

Hearing aids
Apart from telephone related technology like Instant Messaging, there isn’t much solution to this problem. According to research, people suffering from hearing loss caused as a result of aging and noise have slim or no chances of recovering apart from the use of hearing aids.

Sign language
Because deafness blocks the child from hearing anything, it automatically makes it difficult for him/her to talk. Therefore to avoid being totally closed out, the parent can opt to take the child for sign language classrooms.