LOP Betty Aol calls upon FDC to lure back ‘Lost Sheep’

Leader of Opposition in Parliament Betty Aol Ochan has pleaded to former FDC President Rtd. Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu to change his mind and go back to the party. This was disclosed while meeting with the Inter Party Organization for Dialogue officials at the UPC Headquarters, Uganda House following Muntu’s remarks on Tuesday that he was exiting the party.

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Aol said that “when you have a hundred sheep, then one gets lost, it’s a loss to you. And you leave the ninety nine to go and look for the one which is lost”. She went on to add that “And when you find that one back, you’ll come back with that one, rejoicing and you can celebrate the finding of that one lost sheep”.

Betty Aol Ochan

She however added that if they fail to convince him, then they should let him go. Meanwhile, Mugisha Muntu who has seemed not to be in good books with fellow FDC leaders ever since his exit as party president late last year is expected to address the public today about his next move after the FDC exit.