Iryn Namubiru stings family again

Top songstress Iryn Namubiru has once again hit her family for the pain they allegedly inflicted on her during her childhood. The Yimbula artiste referred to them as ‘Monsters and Beasts’ as she prayed for her sons to be protected by God.

“Lord, you protected me from the most dangerous Monsters and Beasts, You rescued me from the Valleys of death, you gave me life. My prayer is that you protect these young and innocent souls of mine the same way and more. Protect them from the Evil dirty mouths that come disguised as parasitic Family and friends Oh Lord. These boys know them and see. Let them continue to see us from A Far as we celebrate your Blessings and Life!” read Iryn’s post.

This is not the first time the singer has talked about her family. Last year, she opened up to the public accusing them of ill treating her during her growing up. The story went ahead to inspire her to record a song, Nsiimye in which she thanks God for saving her life.