Income Inequality; Disease eating Uganda's Public Sector

Yesterday evening while watching news on a certain TV station, I saw something that left my heart in great pain. The state minister for health Hon. Sarah Achieng Opendi covering herself in a Muslim veil, she disguised herself as any other normal patient and went to Naguru Hospital with the aim of catching doctors who ask for money from patients which is wrong considering it’s a government hospital. According to the news, one health personnel asked for 5,000/= (roughly $1.39) and the other asked for 150,000/= (roughly $41.7) from the ‘patient’.
This is not the first time doctors and nurses have been found of asking for bribes. And catching these individuals doesn’t mean that the vice stopped yesterday, is going to stop today or will stop tomorrow. If another operation like this was to be repeated today in another hospital in the same district (Kampala), other doctors would be netted as well. I’m not writing in support of bribery but, of what importance are these operations when the same instances keep coming up again and again?
There’s a saying that ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’. On my side, I don’t think the minister’s move will have much impact on the doctors. In fact the condition may be worse now at Naguru Hospital following the arrest of their colleagues hence they (doctors) may want to revenge for the minister’s action. In the end, it’s the common people suffering and paying for the minister’s action.
On my side, the government should focus on finding out why its workers are taking bribes because it’s not only doctors but it’s the same case with policemen, head teachers, and the list is endless. The income inequality among government employees seems to be one of the reasons for bribery. A member of parliament in Uganda earns a monthly salary of eight figures plus allowances and a car compared to teachers’ or policemen’ six figures yet the latter batch works almost 6 days a week.
A few years back, Makerere lecturers were advised to go back in the villages and rear goats when they asked for salary increment. Many times, teachers and doctors have been ignored when they asked for better payment from the government yet the members of parliament increase their salary every time they feel like. It’s high time the government revised the salary structures of its employees instead of intimidating the low salary earners every time they ask for an increase.