“I Was Inspired by Myself to Join Music” – Dax Vibes.

It’s a bright Tuesday afternoon and as people are doing whatever they are doing to ensure that tebagikwatako, I’m dialing digits on my cell phone trying to get in contact with someone. The voice on the receiving end says ‘Hullo!’. This is none other than Dax Vibez, a musician with Fire Base Entertainment and below is the full conversation;
KP: Who is Dax Vibez?
DV: Born in Kampala as Bugembe Ivan Ssentamu Dax, am a 22 year old musician from
Fire Base Entertainment. My Parents are the late Nalunkuuma Margaret and J.W.
Ssentamu who are laid to rest in Kanoni, Gomba.
KP: Is your name a result of inspiration from Dax Kartel and Vybz Kartel?
DV: I was Dax before I even knew how to say my name. I was named Dax by my siblings and mum at the age of one. They were watching documentaries and came across a great German warrior. They decided to give the name to me in relation to the way I used to eat food. On the other hand, I started out as Dax but whenever I sang to different people, they would say you got good vibes hence the name Vibez.
KP: We understand you’re the last born in your family, is it true?
DV: I’m my mother’s last born but we have another young brother who is the last born.
KP: How do you call Toolman Kibalama?
DV: Toolman Kibalama is a family friend whom we grew up with. He is a village mate and a former member of Fire Base.
KP: When did you join the industry?
DV: I joined in 2014 after completing my Senior six.
KP: Who inspired you to do music?
DV: First of all, I was inspired by myself. I felt that I can do it and pass on good message to the people and help them to change their life. So I decided to use my talent and express my feelings.
KP: How many songs do you have so far?
DV: I have eight released songs and many others in the studio. And right now am heading to the studio to do another one.
KP: Do you write the songs for yourself?
DV: Yeah. I compose the song with the producer and seek advice from my music friends and brothers that’s why I end up with good stuff.
KP: Who is that artiste you dream of having a collabo with?
DV: I like very much doing a collabo with Dax Vibez because when am singing you can differentiate Dax and Vibez. I can see Dax’s vibes coming out in the message. There are many artistes that I would like to collaborate with and I’ve already done with many but I have to first appreciate myself
KP: Do you sometimes wish you didn’t join music?
DV: Regrets are everywhere and some people will even regret in heaven. There are both advantages and disadvantages and sometimes things turn out to be very tough but you got to keep going up to the end just like Bobi told us. So persistence is the way to go.
KP: So you are the youth minister?
DV: Yes as of now, most of the youths’ issues go through me and I deliver them to the president.
KP: Who is your best local artiste?
DV: Every artiste whom you hear is good because each has his/her own uniqueness. And I learn something from each of them including upcoming artistes. I learn different characters, lyrics, attitude, confidence from different artistes and then add them up to get Dax Vibez.
KP: If you were to select the biggest jam right now in Uganda, what song would it be?
DV: Can I add mine or not because that’s the best I know right now? (You are allowed). It is called Y’ono and sometimes I also fear the song. If possible, every reader should go and check it out right now on YouTube Click Here to Watch the Song and request for it in all libraries. We all have that one person we used to love so much when we were still young and you would feel bad in his or her absence.
KP: Being in limelight at a tender age, do you have female stalkers?
DV: You can’t avoid incidences like those. Those are like costs in business which you can’t avoid. But I’ve not yet got stalkers.
KP: Where do you see yourself musically in the next five years?
DV: I see myself when people have understood my music and it crossed borders. I see myself improving many people’s lives especially my fellow youths. I see a lot of things that I can’t tell right now but everything will be good.
KP: What is your best dish?
DV: Rice and beans with beef soup and greens.
KP: Do you have any turning point in your life?
DV: Hmmm! I’ve got many but one of the major ones is when I finished my A level and entered into the real world. The two worlds are highly different and with the new life full of practicals, you have to learn them at a high speed in order to adapt. But the experience was very very good because I used a lot of school experience in real life even though on the other side there are lots of things in real life I never learnt at school
KP: When you are not on stage, where else do you spend your time?
DV: First of all I’ve been a student but I’m now done. However I’m hoping to go back and further my studies. I have an electric shop and I also kuyiriba (moving or running up and down in search for better life) like other youths in the city.
KP: Being below 35 years, do you support the removal of age limit which can help you to stand for presidency in 2021?
DV: This constitution was made favouring all of us. I would even want to contest at the age of 10 but as a Ugandan, I don’t have to be selfish and change it because I want to contest. I may want to satisfy myself but leaving the majority depressed. So to me, it is very inhuman to change the constitution for my own satisfaction. I have a lot of positions where I can contest now and there are lots of other things I can do to benefit my country.
KP: Will you follow in your brother’s footsteps and join politics one day?
DV: World over, we are leaders; be it charismatic, elected, influential leader. Even Bobi has been a leader (Ghetto President) for a long time. He does things and people follow him willingly. So am also trying hard to improve my fellow youths’ lives in all ways. You don’t need to be first elected to do something for your people, just start right away.
KP: Send greetings to your girlfriend.
DV: Greetings to my girlfriend.
KP: And your last message to the fans?
DV: Students stay in school because education is the key. If you are at 100, it can take you up to 150. Work hard, pray hard and be faithful. Ate n’ekirala temugikwatako (literally meaning don’t touch article 102(b) of the Uganda Constitution). Greetings to all of you who love Dax Vibez, Fire Base, Ugandan music, support me by going to My Facebook Page and follow me.
(Dax requests to give us Acapella to his Y’ono song before bidding farewell);
‘Y’ono gwe mbadde mbagamba, omutima gwange yaguwamba, bye mugamba tabigaana’
Togikwatako, Bless.