Hon. Nabilah opens up about FDC wrangles

The wrangles that are tearing apart the Uganda’s biggest opposition political party, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) seem to be just beginning. Even though the party survived storm when Patrick Amuriat was elected party president in November last year, the raging storm seems to be stronger than Hurricane Katrina.

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Ever since the party leadership under POA (Patrick Amuriat) reshuffled the shadow cabinet, things are turning out to be going from worse to worst. One of the reshuffle that seems to have shocked the public was that of the Leader of Opposition in parliament Winnie Kiiza who has since been replaced with Betty Aol Ochan (Gulu woman Member of Parliament). Even though at first Winnie showed signs of dissatisfaction, she later on wished her success.


As we all thought the smoke was disappearing, woman Member of Parliament for Kampala has lashed out at her own party (FDC) about the current situation in which the party is. She accused the public of listening and accepting lies told by the politicians. In a facebook live broadcast, she disclosed that the political divisions in FDC started way back in 2008 when Mugisha Muntu replaced Kizza Besigye as the party president. She alleged that all those who supported Muntu were seen as moles in the party.

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She added that political parties are in Uganda are taken as person businesses of their founders. She cited the example of how the party leadership denied their councilors at Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) a chance to contest for the deputy Lord Mayorship. She termed FDC as a death chamber for those who are willing to further their political careers.

She concluded by asking Ugandans to style up and stop listening to lies like not overstaying in power, leading for one term, among others.