Hashtag #FreeBobiWine floods Social Media as his whereabouts become more confusing

People from different walks of the world have joined in the campaign to see Kyaddondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi freed. Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi Wine, was expected to appear before the Court Martial in Gulu today but ever since, there has been a lot of controversy and confusion surrounding his whereabouts. At first his family had gone to Makindye where they expected him only to be informed later that he was to be charged in Gulu district.

Following the incidents, fellow artistes have come out with a hashtag #FreeBobiWine on different social media platforms like facebook and twitter in an effort to ensure that their colleague is released. After Chameleone set the trend a few hours ago, the thread has since been going on and on with other various personnel especially in the art and entertainment business following the trend.

Arua By-elections turn bloody as Bobi Wine’s driver is shot dead

Toniks, artiste tweeted “Thinking out loud; did anybody actually see @HEBobiwine pick up a stone and throw it at the car? If a stray bullet hit Yasin the driver, maybe a stray stone hit the car too”

Patrick Kanyomozi, sports journalist “I like Chameleone ‘s solidarity with @HEBobiwine in that letter to M7. What I don’t like is the idea of asking M7 to forgive Bobi Wine without telling us what wrong he has done. I hope Chamili doesn’t believe those stories the way we believed his broken legs story.”

Judith Heard, socialite “The Heards & The Ssentamu’s are family, By that we sending prayers and asking them to forgive him where he went wrong. #WeStandWithYou #FamilyFirst @HEBobiwine”

“Forgive Bobi Wine”, Chameleone begs Museveni

Pallaso, artiste says “Uganda is far from perfect and we all hold the right and responsibility to build this lovely nation towards a better direction just like the ones who came before us and we hope the ones that come after us will do the same. My big brother Bobi Wine also has the same rights”

Radioandweasel, artiste: “Free @HEBobiwine Our Brother From Another Mother. #FreeBobiWine #UgandanArtist”

Freedom Lyrics – Bobi Wine

Sheebah Karungi, artiste, “People Killing & People Dying. Dear God, Tell Us What The Hell Is Going On Can’t We All Just Get Along? Please God Help Us Send Some Guidance From Above #WhereIsTheLove? #Pray4 #FreeBobiWine #FreeUs #HesNotFightingYou. #HesFighting4You”

Others include King Saha, Maro, B2C, Dr. Hilderman, among others. Meanwhile, there are ongoing strikes in Kamwokya trying to demand for Bobi Wine’s release.