Gravity succumbs to the rap battle pressure, attacks GNL, Babaluku and Navio.

If there is a year when the rap game has been on top, that year must be 2018. Ever since Feffe Bussi opened up live fire against his fellow rappers, it hasn’t been the same story. Even if some of the big names in the rap industry behaved like they were not concerned, they finally came out of their hideouts. One of them was Rocky Giant although most of the fans found his reply wanting. Later on, GNL Zamba and Victor Kamenyo also followed the trend.

The latest participant we have now is Gravity Omutujju whom almost everyone has been waiting for. Even though he has been attacked by almost everyone who took his time to reply, Gravity in his new song Black Panther instead directed his wrath towards the innocent Navio, GNL Zamba and Babaluku. In one of the lines, he advised Navio to stay home and call his mother whenever Yaka is used up. He also bragged about how he has been at the top of the game for eight years and forced GNL Zamba into exile. We are now waiting for Fik Fameica to see if he will also reply.

Watch This Space!!!