GNL Zamba finds his way back on the music scene.

Remember when we last discussed about the rap battle? Well a lot has been going on all this time. A lot of rappers, Kadongokamu artists and comedians joined the race and we lost on counting. In all this, there was one line in Feffe Bussi’s version that went like “Gwe Rapper ateewulidde sinakutegeera, Bwemba nali nkumanyi nakwerabira era”. This didn’t go well with seasoned rappers like Rocky Giant who immediately responded.

Well the good news we have is that, one of the greatest and most influential artist in the rap game GNL Zamba who has been in a musical break has finally broken the silence. Even though he didn’t opt for the same beat as his predisicors did, when you listen to Zamba’s song, you get it right away that he was responding to the Who is Who’letter’. The rapper chose J Cole’s Fire Squad beat in his song titled Vibranium, Yours Sincerely where he rounded off all his fellow rappers.

With the thirsty that he had subjected to his music lovers, the song is already receiving positive response. He follows artists like Santana Karma who also responded indirectly with his song Podium.