GNL Zamba brands Gravity ‘Empty Tin’ in latest feud

The rivalry between rappers GNL Zamba and Gravity Omutujju has picked pace after the latter referred to the Batujooze Nnyo singer as an empty tin. In a lengthy rant, the former US based rapper condemned Gravity for disrespecting him rather than thanking him for the foundation he laid for him.

“Dear Hip Hop, Empty tins make a lot of noise!!!! But we shall continue growing together as Lugaflow!!!! Locally and Globally. We are back with a bang” he said. According to GNL, his nemesis has been using his Kikankane formula to earn a living and survive in the industry. “The empty tin got its platform from the nights we organized at Sabrina’s and other clubs with my label to give back to the community by uplifting others artists.”

Zamba adds that he can only compare himself to Jay-Z and Ye (Kanye West) in regards to the vision he has for the Ugandan game. “The EMPTY TIN will continue to make its noise as it plunges downhill and make this a competition but we stick to the mission of pushing hip hop to the top of mountain Zion together” he added.

GNL and Gravity’s beef which basically rotates around who is the best rapper roots way back even before he (GNL) left for the USA. Last week, the battle that had been silent since his return took a new twist in which Zamba was even accused of bleaching.