Gashumba super excited on working with Juliana

NTV presenter Sheilah Gashumba is smiling left to right after getting news about featuring one of Uganda’s best female artistes of all time, Juliana Kanyomoozi on a certain project. The presenter who was contacted via a cellphone on Thursday couldn’t hide her excitement as she took to her facebook page to share the news with her followers.

Juliana & Sheilah
Juliana with Sheilah Gashumba

In part of her post, Sheilah states that “I believe that this is the time for us as women to work together and be great. The day we realize that we all have different talents, and can all excel if we support each other, great things will begin to happen”. She goes on to add that “We have the potential to groom some amazing talent here in Uganda. We could bring out the next Beyonce, Oprah, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Vanessa Williams, Meghan Mickle or Rihanna. IT’S POSSIBLE!! However, it all begins with us standing by each other and uplifting our fellow women. Our mission should be to see all women winning!”

According to Sheilah’s post, Juliana Kanyomoozi is working on a certain project targeting females in the entertainment industry. This can be the reason why of late we have been seeing her (Juliana) commonly known as a reserved person with different female artistes. Among these artistes include Sheebah Karungi and Rema Namakula. We’ll be here to inform you more about the project.