FUFA summons Salim Jamal for disrespecting MP

The FUFA Disciplinary Committee has summoned Uganda Cranes goalkeeper Magoola Salim Jamal to appear before it tomorrow (Monday) with a written explanation on allegations of abusing/insulting an honourable member of parliament. This is due to a reply the custodian made on Aruu County MP Odonga Otto’s tweet who was advising players to show patriotism and abandon the sit down strike during the ongoing AFCON tournament in Egypt.

“It is alleged that while in the Uganda Cranes camp in Egypt, you communicated through your Twitter account to the Member of Parliament of the Republic of Uganda. The alleged comments which are well within your knowledge were improper and/or abusive and/or insulting and/or brought the game of football into disrepute contrary to the FUFA Rules and Communication code. These allegations amounts to misconduct and puts the game of football in dis-repute” reads part of the letter.

Below is Otto’s tweet and Salim’s reply that has resulted into his summoning.
“Cranes got bonuses of 1m Usd from M7 on qualifying for AFCON additional 3000 USD was given to each outside the FUFA contract. Wadada, Walusimbi, Allan, Kateraga and Jamil please save your image and that of UG. Patriotism is not just for soldiers. Its now about Uganda not individuals.” – Otto’s tweet.

“With due respect of yo position I think u had to get the right information from the captain. I earn more than these peanut monthly Mr. and it’s not Tax payer money like what u earn from parliament. Respect my name and get informed well” – Jamal’s reply to Otto’s tweet.