Embracing Shithole citizenship

The other day, the President of the United States Donald Trump termed African countries as ‘shithole’ countries. Even though Haiti and El Salvador never survived the hatchet, Africa just seems to have bad luck as even way back during colonial times; it was also referred to as the Dark Continent. However controversial Trump may be, in most cases he is right. It’s just human nature that we usually love lies and hate the truth. If you analyze this lovely continent of ours, you will totally agree with Trump that indeed we are ‘Shithole’ Countries.

Even though the reasons may differ from the President’s, we all end up with one answer. For instance, why should our long time serving presidents rob their countries and invest abroad? Why should we turn guns to ourselves just because of petty things like having different ideologies? Why should it be so difficult to get a cancer machine to treat the tax payers when Legislators can be ‘extra facilitated’ for bills, why do we do shoddy work like road construction yet it’s our children that are going to use it?

A continent whose patients die when the medical supplies are rotting away somewhere, A continent where criminals are preferred and given security to roam around like a wireless connection, a continent where school children are being beaten and harassed for speaking their mother languages, where children die of hunger as the state looks on, where people steal government funds and live freely, where former leaders hide cars in the bush, a continent where a person wears tones of explosives to blast a fellow country mate in the name of I don’t know what and hurl insults at the peacekeeper! Really!!!

According to me, Donald Trump should have looked out for a more fitting word than this. The word is too belittling. Or at least he should have differentiated if he meant an African Traditional Shithole or the modern Shitholes. And to the African Union, you should work hard to get us from the holes than criticizing someone for telling the naked truth. Anyway am proud to be a ‘Shitholean’.