Effujjo mu Maka, a Day in Uganda’s Hollywood

Just the other day, I was watching a Ugandan movie titled ‘Effujjo mu Maka’ (Tyranny or bullying at home) by Empire Movies Production/Tamz Media Uganda and a lot came into my minds. To begin with, the film industry in Uganda has been developing each and every passing year and who knows in future we’ll have our own Hollywood. However, I noticed some weaknesses in the movie which I thought their absence would have made the movie more nice and professional. And in doing so, I do it for the good of our industry not negatively;

Image Quality and Lighting

The quality of the image displayed was a bit lacking. I think this was a result of sub standard cameras. You’ll find that in many scenes, there was reflection of light. The reflection itself isn’t bad but we should always remember that too much anything is always bad. In addition to that, most of the indoor scenes were too dark tempting you to think they were all played during night time.


The characters that portrayed Father and Mother in the movie look a bit younger in relation to the number of kids (4). If they badly needed to use the two characters, they should have limited the number of kids to at most three but it could have been more suitable if they had two kids. However, considering the title of the movie, the number of children at home fits in well with the title; therefore the husband and wife were the easiest to change.

Missing parts

When the family departed for the village, we expected to see them in a taxi or bodaboda or special hire. However, the producer just showed us traffic and that’s all. Then came the return part; this was even worse than the latter. The last part we saw was when the travelers were heading to the stage and next was seeing the woman arriving at her husband’s home. We don’t know the whereabouts of the kids until sometime later when they come running after the chaos at home.

Another incident is when the children were sent to the shop to bring bread and sugar. We never saw anything like a shop or supermarket and we are left doubting whether the loaf and the sugar weren’t hidden somewhere in the Cupboard in the same house.

The Outing part.

When the man contacted his girlfriend to meet at the Vietnam Gardens, they ordered for two sodas. However, I don’t remember any payment being made either before or after the ordering. As soon as the two were done with drinking soda, they immediately left for home.

The scuffle at home

When the wife comes back from the village and finds another woman at home, the wife gives little attention to the woman than the husband. Really!!! On many occasions, if a person finds him / herself in a situation similar to this one, we expect that person to use all his/her energy on the person of the same sex not the opposite sex. In this case, even if the other lady ran out immediately, the wife would have chased her before confronting her husband.

It’s absurd that I didn’t get to see the second part yet I was still enjoying the movie. Maybe I’ll try looking for it but great job guys. You can watch the movie here.