Dr. Besigye to witness in Kabuleta’s case

Former presidential aspirant Dr. Kizza Besigye has offered himself as a witness for former Vision Group journalist Joseph Kabuleta if his case is brought to the courts of law. According to the statement issued by the Police, the man of God who was arrested yesterday by security operatives risks being charged for “offensive communication against the person of president.”

“Am a ready witness for Joseph Kabuleta, if his case comes to court. Let all other witnesses get ready.” Besigye tweeted. The police statement further says that “the writer repeatedly posted grossly offensive messages, under “Joseph Kabuleta Weekly Rant Returns” referring to the Fountain of Honour as “a Gambler, Thief and Liar.”

Kabuleta’s arrest has since been met with a lot of criticism from different circles. Among these include outspoken journalist Andrew Mwenda who termed the act as archaic, intolerable and unacceptable. “The arrest of Joseph Kabuleta for “offending the president” is archaic, intolerable and unacceptable! Ugandans have every right to offend the president. They hire him to serve them. They should be free to express their anger at how he is running the country justifiably or not!”