Congratulatory messages for Hon. Bobi Wine still pouring out!!!

Ever since Bobi Wine was officially announced the winner of Kyaddondo East parliamentary seat by-elections, lots of congratulatory messages were already pouring out on different social media platforms. By the time he was confirmed as the winner, politicians, fellow artistes, media personalities, among other people, the messages were already very and they are still coming. Below, we capture some of the messages for you;
“Kyadondo East; Edoboozi lye mwogezza kuluno likanga! Mubogodde ensi newunikilila! Tunabebaza tutya, tunabawaaki bantu baffe? Neyanzege abalonzi abamperedde HON. KYAGULANYI SSENTAMU ROBERT akalulu. Temujja kwejusa ekikorwa kino nolunaku nolumu. Mukama atubeere mulugendo luno olupya lwetutandise ngekitundu. Mwebale nyo mwebalile dala.
MAAMA NANGABO OMULONDE.” – Barbie Kyagulanyi, Wife to Bobi Wine
“Landslide victory for the HE Bobi Wine. Congratulations-PEOPLE POWER!!! That’s why Wakiso people weren’t allowed to vote 2016” – Rtd . Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye, Politician
“Congratulations to Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi and the people of Kyaddondo East Constituency upon this resounding victory. It’s a clear manifestation of the supremacy of the Will of the people. Certainly, your candidature brought to the fore huge challenges and lessons that call for urgent attention of all the forces of change. May the good Lord guide you in your new assignment as a humble servant of the people” – Erias lukwago, Lord Mayor
“So @HEBobiwine is beating everyone @NRMOnline @FDCOfficial1 hands down in #KyadondoEastByElections, Congs although still early @Snduhukire” – Ofwono Opondo, Politician
“Congratulations to the people of Kyadondo East, congratulations to @BobiWineOmuband Kyagulanyi Robert Sentamu.” – Justine Kasule Lumumba, Politician
“When we believe, We Achieve. Congrats to Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi,Family,Friends and Kyadondo East for the remarkable victor. Leaders are chosen by God.So, May he guide you as you deliver Kyadondo East to the promised Land. LEONE ISLAND MUSIC EMPIRE” – Jose Chameleone, Artiste
“Congratulations Honorable Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert… I salute you Sir!!!!” – Juliana Kanyomoozi, Artiste.
“I congratulate not only Bobi Wine also the people of Kyaddondo East for not accepting money, We all wanted change si Sente. MWEBALE OMUTIMA GWE GGWANGA” – Eddy Kenzo, Artiste.
“You Have Brought The Ghetto UpTown. Congrats Broda Bobi Wine. From Yours Truly & The Music Fraternity” – Radio & Weasel, Artiste
“Congratulations Honorable Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert AKA Bobi Wyn / Omubanda Wakabaka #Mpaka ku presidential seat” – Ziza Bafana, Artiste
“Congratulations Mr. Bobi Wine. #BikwaseKyagulanyi” – Winnie Nwagi, Artiste
“Good Things come to Good People. Congratulations Bobi Wine” – Fille, Artiste
“Amasanyalaze negagenda! But we still celebrating. Congs hon Bobi Wine kyagulanyi. Ensonga ze kyadondo tuzikukwasiza” – B2C, Artiste
“Congs Mr. Kyagulanyi Sentamu say hi to maama kyadondo” – DJ Shiru, Celebrated Deejay
“#KyaddondoEastByElection: It is BOBI. BOBI WINE WINS Kyaddondo East Parliamentary seat. Congratulations” – The New Vision, Newspaper
“On behalf of @FDCOfficial1 I would like thank our supporters for the support. Congs to @HEBobiwine provisional results indicate a landslide” – Nandala Mafabi, Politician
“Yeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy Music has won. Victory is ours thanks for voting….. They have now known musicians are serious people!!!! Politicians stop taking artists as worthless people. From now on “Put some RESPEKT on ARTISTs names” Congratulations to all fans, artists, and stake holders in Art and the Entertainment business .Our voice has been heard. He will become the first MP to have two titles. Honorable, His Excellency BobiWine. I have remembered salary is how much 25million????? What???? How and where should we celebrate this banange. Any suggestions??????” – Douglas Lwanga, TV Presenter
“Wuuuuuululululu! Waaaaaalalalala! Ssaawa! Ssaawa!
Congratulations Honourable Kyagulanyi Ssetamu Robert, His Excellency Ghetto President Bobi Wine, Omubanda wa Kabaka, dis bad man from Kamwokya. Even before the final results are out, I am already celebrating the great win of a comrade in the struggle against misrule in Uganda. This win matters to me because it signals a fresh wave in the psyche of Ugandan voters opposed to the current system of political organizing. Bobi Wine’s landslide victory reveals that one can win at the ballot in Uganda without relying on any political party affiliation. The form of organizing we need to dismantle the Museveniocracy must unite voters beyond unity forged through political partying. We need more Bobi Wines to redo this strategy en mass! Ssaawa… ssaawa… ssaawa…” – Dr. Stella Nyanzi, Activist/Academician
“I congratulate you brother Bobi Wine, you will forever be an example to all of us, you have always proved to us that everything is possible…God bless you more, you have a golden heart, some of us who know you know who you are….To some it sounded a joke but now you are a full #honourable….” – Lyto Boss, Artiste
“Congrats Bobiwine!! This is a win for us as musicians!!! Maybe then People will learn to respect Musicians!! #bikwaseKyagulanyi” – Irene Ntale, Artiste
“Just type (Congs Bobi Wine) its enough to show your true love and support for him.” – Big Eye, Artiste
“Congratulations Mr Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert. …. Tubikwasiza Kyagulanyi. ….. @bobiwine @barbiekyagulanyi I salute you.” – Rema, Artiste
“From Bobi Wine to Bobi Winner! And the MP Kyaddondo East is” – Capital FM Uganda, Media House.
“They thought you didn’t have it in you. ‘It’ being leadership qualities. Congratulations for proving everybody wrong. Congratulations Honorable Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert” – Judith Heard, Socialite.
Photo Credit: The Spear