Chameleone blasts KCCA leadership over shot girl

Aspiring Lord Mayor for Kampala Jose Chameleone has bashed the current city leadership for not doing enough as far as Lowena’s treatment together with her mother is concerned. This was revealed in a post on his Facebook page after the singer paid a visit to the two at Mulago Hospital where they are being hospitalized nursing bullet wounds sustained on Tuesday during a scuffle in an operation by KCCA and Police to arrest street vendors.

“Today, I visited Lowena Rachael – still undergoing treatment – at Mulago hospital. She is improving and her outer person seems to be recovering after surgery. She is in much shock that has hijacked her innermost. As a father, I could tell the pain her and family are going through”. He blamed the enforcement officers for the excessive force applied during their operations which sometimes end up affecting innocent people.

“Such an innocent, young school girl to go through such a horrific experience is unbearable. Her little face is full stitches, her mother nursing wounds, all because of our errant enforcement officers. We must end the use of guns in city law enforcement”. However, Chameleone was more touched by the fact that the hospital wanted to discharge them despite their unstable condition.

“The family also revealed to me that despite Rachael’s situation, Mulago had informed them that they were ready to discharge them today morning on account that our leader’s contribution had dried up. I think leadership both at KCCA and the centre, needs to take responsibility of what happened to Racheal and mother. They deserve full treatment by KCCA including specialized surgery on our daughter – Rachael”.

He argued the general public to pay a courtesy visit to her as well as putting her in their prayers. His visit followed another made by a team from KCCA led by Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago on Wednesday who pledged to offer support to the patients.