Chameleone, Bebe Cool in fresh row over Mozey Radio

Uganda’s celebrated artiste Jose Chameleone is the latest to face the wrath of Uganda’s Social Media followers after a ‘disturbing’ post on his page about fellow artiste Mozey Radio of the Goodlyfe Crew. Following Radio’s incident on Tuesday when he was beaten by a bouncer sending him into comma, Chameleone found it irrelevant for people to wish him a happy birthday (which was yesterday) while still in Intensive Care.

Jose Chameleone’s Post.

This post has been seen by many as being aimed at countering Bebe Cool’s earlier post in which he wished Radio a Happy Birthday and a quick recovery. Followers are still flocking Chameleone’s post some supporting him while others attacking him.

Bebe Cool’s Post

Some of the comments read like this;
Sophia Tebiba Bingi Nassozi Naawe weyogeza nyo being nti he was about to die bfo his birthday a wish was all worthiedl and mind you everyone who posted it would add quick recovery so aI I see is no reason for you to yap
Mugalu Robert Kogikuteko I really failed to understand the Ambitions of ur Post coz it’s not specific so wanted us to do what on his BD indeed Obukadde buleeta entondo anyway Quick Recovery Soujja.
Premier Whoever even weasel himself wished radio happy birthday , kati oyasama cz of bebecool’s post bt he even added quick recovery, , ate twakowa beef zamwe!

Qwik Master Doctor, i believe ur a very smart man and I like reading ur posts. But today…I disagree with you. Whether one’s bd wishes were genuine or not, I dont see a problem with wishing a sick person Hbd coz it’s also another way of saying Quick Recovery.
We celebrate people in their “ALIVE” status.
Musa Daprophet Princee Live commenting is not compulsory !!! At times wen ur running short of your mental ethics you shud not dare comment or otherwise you must first understand one’s statement .Jose for life!!!! Am here come for your punch miopic nigga
Mustapha Mwesigwa Thanks so much Dr sometimes take time destroy what’s already on ground of which someone as taken long time to make # Abarya mele quickly recovery papa
We are now waiting to see if one of the two comes out to enlight on the current situation. Watch the space.