But Uganda Police, why really?

I read with dismay a story on Daily Monitor’s online website about how the Uganda Police officers made an attempt to arrest a graduate, a one Simon Wanyera as Makerere University marked its 69th graduation. Quoting Monitor, “…the police officers wanted to arrest him for making noise at the ceremony”. Somehow, the other graduates noticed and protested his arrest which led to police abandoning the mission.

First of all, I don’t know which law is broken by someone for making a lot of noise especially at a jubilating ceremony like graduation! Does it also fall in NEMA’s noise pollution regulations? I thought the regulations were only meant for things like music, churches, among others but not singling out individuals celebrating victory.

Secondly, our police officers should kindly learn to study situations before making arrests. For God’s sake, putting aside that we know how rowdy Makerere students can be; did they expect to make the arrest while his fellows were just staring? Okay in case they insisted with their mission and the graduates protested, were they going to fire teargas canisters and bullets in air to disperse them? What the police was trying to do was like trying to pick a grain of boiled rice from red termites.

We all agree that prevention is better than cure. If what he did was wrong, they should have walked up to him and adviced or warn him to keep his voice low. I doubt if he would have refused. If all armies operated like the police tried too, there would be no more rebels or terrorists because often times they know where they operate from but fear the repercussions hence drawing plans first.