Bobi Wine speaks out on opposition’s internal wrangles, defection

People Power leader Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu popularly known as Bobi Wine has finally addressed the issue of defections and pointing fingers at each other among the opposition. In an 8:50 minutes video clip posted on his Facebook page, the Kyaddondo East legislator warned supporters against accusing other for being spies saying their actions will eventually tell. 

“Today I want to address the issue of persistent fights and public spats between the people who profess to be fighting for freedom and democracy. I have noted with great concern comrades who are always fighting and attacking each other on social media. Some comrades have gone ahead to use social media to attack everyone within the forces of change, they are always promoting divisions and suspicions among the comrades in a very unprincipled manner” he said. According to him,  the propaganda that the pressure group is full of spies is aimed at demoralizing them.

“We must judge everyone by their actions. Until someone declares himself or herself to be against the people of Uganda, it is not our place to declare them spies. Why should we demoralize a comrade who wakes up every morning to mobilize against the dictatorship by calling him or her a spy?” he wondered. Bobi Wine asked supporters not to worry about possible spies working within the opposition since as leaders, they have a mechanism of identifying them.

On the point of defections from the opposition, Bobi said that Museveni looses nothing in buying off individuals since he uses tax payer’s money to buy them off. “My fellow Ugandans, let me repeat this again so that it sinks. The Museveni regime is buying people using your money….We are fighting to dismantle an empire. There will be casualties, there will be defections, there will be people giving up, there will be sell outs, there will be betrayals. You will be with someone in the morning, and by evening the person will be speaking completely a different language. All this should be expected” he added.

He further noted that whoever abandons the struggle for selfish gains wasn’t meant for it in the first place. “Those who choose today’s bread over their country’s future, were never meant for the struggle. Those who choose personal comfort, over the suffering of mothers and children were never meant for the struggle. Those who drive new cars over the graves of the murdered comrades, vehicles donated by the regime, in appreciation for selling out, they were never meant for the struggle”.