Best Sleeping Positions Revealed

Sleeping is something that almost everyone can’t avoid. We agree that some people have little sleep than others; some take long without sleeping, while others spend half a day sleeping. There are times when you wake up feeling very weak or pain yet you’re not sick at all but because you slept in a wrong position. Eventually, you get well as the day goes by.

Let’s take a look at how best you can prevent that situation;

Back Position
According to health experts, sleeping on your back with a curve in the lower back is one of the best postures. To ensure this, you can sleep with a pillow below your knees to act as a support.

Foetal position
This is where by you sleep with your knees bent almost approaching the chest just like an unborn child is positioned in a mother’s womb. You should avoid this position as it somehow stretches the spinal code.

Stomach position
Many times, people sleep on their stomach after a heavy meal. However, this is not to your health as it is more likely to cause back pain with time as well as pain in the neck

Get a fitting pillow
Make sure that you are using a pillow that keeps your neck in line with the head. That is you shouldn’t keep a very small or big one as the head needs to keep positioned in the very way it is when you’re standing upright to keep the muscles in their natural state.

Side position
According to doctors, this is the best sleeping posture for pregnant women as well as the babies they are inside. However, you should always mind to change sides periodically so as to avoid arm numbness and pain in shoulders.

Note: The effect of these positions may differ depending on the health status or condition of an individual.