Bashir Kazibwe’s body broken, spirit still strong

The Uganda Journalists Association (UJA) President, Hajji Kazibwe Bashir Mbaziira has asked Ugandans to be strong during this trying time as he battles sickness. The parliamentary hopeful was flown out of the country to Nairobi, Kenya to get more treatment following an incident on last week that left him unconscious in the middle of The Eagle program on NBS Television.

According to his wife, Zulfah Kazibwe, they are hopeful that he will be well. “On arrival here, doctors made several examinations to ascertain the kind of illness and was swiftly put on medication to contain the same”, says the document. “Tomorrow (Monday) he’s to undergo further examinations for the liver, intestinal check up amongst others including a brain scan.”

Even though he feels a lot of pain especially in the abdomen and a headache, ‘he strongly believes to improve.’ He asked his supporters to remain strong because with God, life is on their side. He also thanked them for the support and prayers towards his recovery.