Kasingye breaks Twitter promise, bounces back

Assistant Inspector of Police Asan Kasingye has failed to keep his promise of taking a month’s break off twitter. After just 10 days, the officer succumbed to boredom and took to social media again tweeting about a long time thief.

“He takes off again! This time in a Mukwano jam. Seated on a P/up, he melted like heated butter. When will this stop? This guy stole my “Marachi” shoes in S1, at St. Kaggwa HS. Every time he meets me, he talks to himself & runs like a headless chicken. Please stop! I forgave you.” Kasingye tweeted.

The celebrated UOT member was warmly welcomed by fellow members and it was evident in the replies section. “Thought you had left forever..welcome back” read one of the replies. Kasingye took a break from twitter late last month accusing users of abusing and ridiculing him.