Angella left Daddy Andre after a failed HIV/AIDS test

Angela Katatumba has revealed that she is no longer in love with musician and producer Daddy Andre after three months of unrivalled love between the two. While responding about their relationship, the songstress admitted that even though Andre spent almost 20 million on her in addition to introducing her to his friends and relatives, their love came to an end in January following a series of problems that he faced at the time.

“Things got crazy for him in January where he was burdened with a lot of problems. Amongst financial and many others, Andre’s former PA (Personal Assistant) stole his money and his car and to make matters worse, I also left him in January because he completely refused to do the HIV test” Angela said. She admired that the decision was painful but she had to do it.

“Trust me, this was not an easy decision and I felt horrible, especially after Andre poured all the love on earth on me. Despite that, I had to stick to my principles”. Angella’s remarks come just days after different upcoming female artistes pinned sexual harassment alleges on Andre.