Africa is one hell of a crazy continent. Associated with negativity most of the times, it doesn’t take away its beauty and amazing nature. Africans will always find something which will knock you off the ground surprisingly hence sayings like ‘This is Africa (TIA)’, what happens in Africa remains in Africa, among others.
Today we’ll look at some of the body related myths that individuals in some parts of Africa believe in;
Africans believe and associate baldness with wealth. Although baldness is scientifically associated with aging and sometimes lack of body nutrients, most people in Africa believe otherwise. This explains why in some areas bald people are even beheaded in search for wealth.
Eye Twitching
Eye twitching is when one’s eye involuntarily spasms repetitively for a given period of time. It can occur to both upper and lower eyelid. It’s scientifically associated with either brain or nerve disorder. To Africans, the upper eye twitching represents good luck or something good is about to happen while the lower one means bad luck.
Broad chest
This is a bit abroad as it’s not only believed in Africa but even outside Africa. Men with broad chest are associated with bed prowess. This partly explains why men frequent gyms. They are always on the lookout for that ‘six pack’ body to attract women.
Small breasts
Women who have small breasts are considered to have bad luck. Relatives will even go ahead and advise a man not to marry a lady with small breasts. However, this seems to be a consolation started by women with big breasts to compete with their counterparts.
Big stomachs
This is commonly in relation to men. Whenever someone starts developing a stomach, people will start saying ‘he has started getting money’. However in most cases, this is not healthy at all to the extent that doctors advise regular work out to shape the body.
This is one of the major points men consider when looking for a marriage partner. Ladies with flat feet, that is without curves in the feet are regarded to have bad luck. Also those with big feet are most times blacklisted as marriage material.
All in all, these are myths that are very difficult or even impossible to be proved true. As generations come and go, some are omitted but others still survive. So next time you’re looking for a lady to marry, take a look at her feet to ensure there‘s a curve in her feet!!!