A Pass hammers last nail in Ykee Benda’s heart

Controversial artiste A Pass has made an early score in regards to wishing his ‘crush’ Martha Kay a happy birthday. The Nkwagala artiste must have spent sleepless nights waiting for the big day as exhibited in his message posted almost at midnight towards the beauty queen.

“Hey my love, how are you today, I see you smiling like school is over and it’s kiromo. Your birthday means a lot to me and my existence. You are the reason why I was born in December” A Pass wrote on his Facebook timeline. “I wish you the best in everything you were born to do including me my love. Happy Birthday Martha Kay / Entertainer I love you so much” he added.

Not long ago, Ykee Benda was the leading bidder for Martha’s heart but with A Pass’ latest efforts, looks like the game drastically changed. We’re yet to see any message from Benda an indication that he might have surrendered the fight completely.